The holidays are coming up, and chances are that you’ve got people coming over to your luxury apartment in Bethesda. It’s time to impress them by going beyond your standard holiday decor with new home tech gadgets. Your guests will think you’ve gotten into Doc Brown’s time machine and come back with these five futuristic home tech gadgets that will upgrade your life.

Amazon Echo

Hands free help is on the way with the Amazon Echo. While it just looks like an ordinary wireless speaker, this $180 device is so much more. Activated by your voice, this gadget can stream music from Pandora, give you updates from your Google Calendar, play Audiobooks from Audible, and function as a voice-activated search engine to let you know sports scores, weather, traffic, and more. You can also integrate the Amazon Echo with other smart home devices from Belkin and Philips Hue amongst others for full home control from one small device. Plus, it’s a pretty great wireless speaker to boot.

Stack’s Alba LED Light Bulbs

Speaking of smart home devices, Stack’s Alba LED Light Bulbs are our favorite smart light bulbs on the market today. These $150 bulbs react to where you are in your home using embedded motion sensors. That means they can detect when you’re in the room or not and turn the lights on or off accordingly. Even better, these LED light bulbs can detect the ambient light in the room and adjust their hue accordingly, meaning that your room will always be lit perfectly without you ever having to push a button.

Belkin WeMo Smart Slow Cooker

When cooking meets wifi and smartphones, everybody is a winner. That’s exactly what happens with the Belkin Wemo Smart Slow Cooker. For $116 you get a) a fantastic slow cooker and b) a slow cooker that connects to wifi that you can control from your smartphone. Using the free WeMo app, you can change the cooking time, adjust the temperature, or even turn off this slow cooker remotely from your phone. Plus, you can even notify your family or friends when dinner is done by using the app. This is the best thing to happen to weeknight dinners since pizza delivery was invented.

Ikea Wireless Charging Pad

You don’t need to spend over $100 dollars to get your hands on a home tech gadget that will impress. This Wireless Charging Pad from Ikea only costs $27.99 and actually looks great. It’s compatible with any smartphone that has wireless charging capabilities. Say goodbye to all those annoying charging cables and say hello to a life full of stylish wireless charging.

Ring Zero

Ready to feel like a wizard? You’re in luck with the $150 Ring Zero which takes your hand motions and turns them into actions around your home. Start by slipping this stylish black or white ring on your finger. From there, you can start programming gestures into it that can control everything from your music to your TV. Your guests will lose it when you start changing the lights or put on a new playlist just by moving your hand around in the air.

If you want to upgrade your life (and impress your guests as well), consider these five awesome home tech gadgets. And if you want to really upgrade your life, consider a luxury apartment in Bethesda here at Flats 8300. Like us on Facebook to stay in touch!

Image via Unsplash