Adventure is out there and really close to Flats 8300. Walking, biking or driving will land you at four very different community parks in Bethesda. So, whether you are into sports, hiking or having a good stroll down memory lane by swinging on the playground, we would recommend you take time to explore these local parks.

North Chevy Chase Park

A five minute drive will land you at this neighborhood park with soccer, baseball, basketball & tennis facilities, plus a shaded playground.

Battery Lane Park

Urban and quaint, this park is just a four minute stroll from Flats 8300 and it features tennis courts.

Ray’s Meadow Local Park

If sports are your thing, then this park might be too. This park features a playground, baseball field, and two football/soccer fields. It’s only a 12 minute drive away, but it is located right off of the Capital Crescent Trail which can be accessed near Flats 8300.

Little Falls Park

A 15 minute drive will take you to a scenic, 160-acre woodlands park that features a play area, picnic facilities, and trails for hiking and biking.