Who doesn’t love hanging out on the roof? Yeah, that’s a rhetorical question, we know.

Especially when the rooftop is luxurious and over-the-top! Our rooftop has been designed with you in mind and includes:

Stunning views of Bethesda
Our roof boasts a clear view of the Bethesda skyline. The warm tones, the water and the plants all come together to create a contrast that is sheer pleasure to the senses.

Dual pools
Lap pool and wading pool with water feature. Swimming pools are just lovely in general. But pools on the roof? Can you say “luxurious”.

Multiple seating areas
Whether you want to hang out with your friends or sit in quiet solitude, there’s plenty of seating.

Fireplace (because fireplaces are awesome)
Let’s face it – fires are mesmerizing – and, yeah, they provide warmth too!

Grills for you too cook on
Grilling on the roof is where its at!

You’re going to love spending time on the rooftop this spring, summer and fall!